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This journal is essentially just writing and recs, right now. Everything is unlocked, but feel free to friend if you want!

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I have two major finals coming up, which of course means I'm writing fic instead of studying. Anyhow! I wrote some flashfic, and here it is cleaned up and betaed by the wonderful [ profile] cynnet. Both Kradam, ridiculous angst followed by unrepentant fluff.

for [ profile] ellipsisaddict, R

'Told you I could,' he says, and laughs. )

for [ profile] idontcare_sw, G

There's a boy under there, wearing a cape and a fake mustache. He looks silly. )
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happy saturday! mine is made slightly less happy by the fact that i have a paper to write, so instead of doing that i'm going to share some stuff.

  • [ profile] katekat1010 made me another absolutely gorgeous poster, for I've Got Your Number, aka the first in the thanksgiving!verse i've been intermittently playing around with, where adam and kris meet when kris is invited to thanksgiving at adam's mom's house, pre-idol.

    the poster is so perfect and so what i imagine when i think about the story, and [ profile] cynnet got it for me because she is the best person in the world ♥. isn't it beautiful? (you can click the poster to see the masterlist that includes all the stories in this verse!)

  • i also have a rec! [ profile] sporadicfungian wrote an amazing katy-centric fic, Ask Her If The Fire Hurts. i was pretty unsure about reading 20k about katy allen, to be honest, but it's so worth it -- amazing, amazing writing, and something that i feel is sort of important to have in this fandom: a telling of katy's story.

    this story takes a really common kradam storyline -- kris divorces katy and eventually gets together with adam -- and turns it inside out, tells everything but that story. it's katy's story, not kris's, and it's perfect -- it's about falling out of love, and realizing things, and deciding to make yourself happy even if that's the hardest thing in the world.

    i don't know, i thought it was brilliant and so, so necessary in this fandom, where characterizations of katy and justifications for the divorce can often make me really uncomfortable. this story, in my opinion, rights a lot of those wrongs, and it's also just an amazingly compelling, well-written story. now go read it! :D
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Adam's interviews keep inspiring me to write Bradam--I will just accept this as a good thing, even if it means putting off writing papers so that I can indulge my weird ideas about Adam's past. Anyhow. The latest interview to blame is the one Adam did with Italian Vanity Fair, where [awkward translation ahoy!] he said, when asked if he'd ever been bullied: "Only once, a guy called me "f@%." I punched him. He never did it again."

Obviously I needed to write fic about this, and obviously that fic includes a warning for violence.

My Heart Like A Kick Drum
Adam/Brad, NC-17, 2800 words

warning: scene of violence
title from "kick drum heart" by the avett brothers

Adam looks down at him and feels, just for a second, the full extent of his own height, the solidity of his own shoulders, feels himself settle into his bones and skin and belong there.

my love like a voice )
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I am so excited about [ profile] blackdress_adam that I am posting my fic at midnight! I spent a long time wondering what I was even thinking signing up for this challenge (because I've never written in any fandom besides AI8) and then almost dropping out, and then at the last second my brain did this weird thing where it was like, "Adam Lambert belongs in a Disney movie because there's a side of him that's just so idealistic and naive and adorable," and then boom! fic happened. And then [ profile] katekat1010 did an amazing movie poster for it (under the cut, go look!), which is perfect because it's based on a movie, and which I am still jumping up and down in glee over. :DDDDD

In Any Other World
Adam/Kris, Enchanted AU
10,100 words, R [beta by [ profile] cynnet <3 <3 <3]

"I have been enchanted by some witch's Magic, and I, Prince Adam of Andalasia, find myself a stranger in a strange land. May I call upon your kindness — or, if not your kindness, then the respect due to a visiting noble, and ask to be taken to your Court, and presented to your Monarch?"

say goodbye, to the world you thought you lived in )
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So. I have approximately five (million) unfinished fics that are owned to things, like to people for charities and big bangs and other ill-advised agreements like that. And then I read an interview where Adam said the way to his heart was to kiss him a lot (which I cannot find, but if anyone knows the one I'm talking about please help me, I love you) and this fic began growing in my brain (helped along by the anons of [ profile] ontd_blllolllu, actually), and not only was it not for any of the things I need to be writing for, it was Bradam, which was new and terrifying but sort of insistent. And here it is:

A Slow, Dumb Show
Adam/Brad, PG-13
~1600 words

That becomes this unofficial rule, like the kissing shit is okay if he can't see Adam's face when he does it. It's not even a logical rule, really, just one of those superstitious things he gets, like how when he was little he could only step on every fourth sidewalk crack when he shopped downtown with his mom, or if he saw a sign with a single-digit number on it he had to keep multiplying it until it was divisible by four.

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Dear Fandom,

I come to you today with an intensely troubling issue. The fact that, in this day and age, I still need to even ask this question is honestly the most upsetting part, but here it is –

where on earth is my goddamn Adam/LP fic? )

x-posted to [ profile] teamcockbert
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A long-overdue charity "drabble" for [ profile] krismc09. What was supposed to be 500 words is now 2900, so that will be my official excuse for how late it is. By request, here is Adam and Kris's first official date, from the I've Got Your Number verse (aka Thanksgiving!verse). This takes place about a week after Sleepyhead.

Better Things
~2900 words, NC-17, AU

"Maybe your one shirt without sequins got scared of the other shirts and ran away," says Neil. "Maybe the other shirts bullied it and it transferred owners, or something. It's like you, in seventh grade. You should be sympathizing with the poor thing."

you're gonna drive me crazy / you're gonna drive me mad )
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I wrote fic! Anonymously, in the kinkmeme, and now I'm posting it here. It's for this prompt; this is the edited, betaed version (thank you [ profile] cynnet3490, without you I would be entirely lost).

We Are Golden
Adam/Kris, au, nc-17
8400 words

excerpt: He puts the bowl to the side and looks at the cracks between the boards in front of his face. Without moving his head at all, Kris counts six of them, and when he's doubled-checked that number twice he closes his eyes and says out loud, "Adam is gay."

notes/warnings: (mutually) underage sexual activity. title is from the song by mika.

i was running, from the things that you'd say )
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Written for [ profile] kradamite, who donated to help Haiti. I took you up on your offer to write "whatever takes my fancy," and basically indulged myself with more follow-up to I've Got Your Number (aka the Thanksgiving fic). I hope that's okay!

Smile Upon Me
1400 words, NC-17, AU

same verse as I've Got Your Number and Sleepyhead; takes place about a month and a half after those two. [also, I may as well call this the "Chunk of Change" verse because all the titles so far have been from that ep, by Passion Pit.]

Summary: Kris falls asleep on Adam's couch a lot, and Adam thinks about why that doesn't freak him out. Or, more accurately, a plotless combination of fluff and porn.

story )

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